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Candle Refill

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Have an old burnt candle or a previous KS Collective candle that no longer can be used (i.e. wick broke) and want a candle refill?

Choose 1-2 oils, flowers, and/or crystals from the list and send to along with days/times that work best to schedule a drop off of the old candle. Please choose the appropriate option when purchasing. *MN only

Note: the candle holder should be 8oz or less. If you have a bigger candle that you wish to refill, please reach out to to determine cost.

Oils Only - Choose 1 or 2 ($9 vs $12) Oil(s) + Flower/Plant ($12 vs. $15) Oil(s) + Crystals ($15 vs. $18) Oil(s) + Flower/Plant + Crystals ($18 vs. $21)
Balance Lavender Contact Kaitlyn for options! Contact Kaitlyn for options (crystals)!
Bergamot Rose Petals
Black Spruce Rose Buds
Breathe Marigold
Cedarwood Chamomile
Cinnamon Bark Jasmine
Citrus Bliss Pine Needles
Cypress Don't forget me's
Douglas Fir Fig
Eucalyptus Lemon
Frankincense Chrysanthemum
Germanium Gomphrena
Grapefruit Lotus seed hear
Juniper Berry Sophora japonica
Lavender Foetus chrysanthemum
Lemon Albizia
Lemon Eucalyptus Siraitia grosvenorii
Lemongrass Lemongrass
Lime Red Plum
OnGuard Peony
Peppermint Calendula officinalis
Purify Lily
Serenity Mallow flower
Siberian Fir
Tea Tree
Wild Orange